Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach (2nd ed.): by Morris Kline

By Morris Kline

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Dieses Lehrbuch ist der erste Band einer dreiteiligen Einf? hrung in die research. Es ist durch einen modernen und klaren Aufbau gepr? gt, der versucht den Blick auf das Wesentliche zu richten. Anders als in den ? blichen Lehrb? chern wird keine okay? nstliche Trennung zwischen der Theorie einer Variablen und derjenigen mehrerer Ver?

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8 mM potassium phosphate). The PPB buffer used here is a homogenous simple minimum salt solution that contains only 10 mM phosphate salts of potassium (Fisher Scientific, Fair Lawn, NJ) as needed for pH control. All buffer solutions were filtered and degassed prior to use. 44 M. J. Limo et al. 4 Determination of DGoads by SPR Spectroscopy To determine DGoads accurately for peptide adsorption using SPR, two key issues must be addressed: the need to account for (i) ‘‘bulk-shift’’ effects and (ii) the influence of solute–solute interactions on the surface.

J Am Chem Soc 131:15998–15999 Lindorff-Larsen K, Trbovic N, Maragakis P, Piana S, Shaw DE (2012) Structure and dynamics of an unfolded protein examined by molecular dynamics simulation. J Am Chem Soc 134:3787–3791 Mao AH, Lyle N, Pappu RV (2013) Describing sequence-ensemble relationships for intrinsically disorderd proteins. Biochem J 449:307–318 Masica DL, Gray JJ (2009) Solution- and adsorbed-state structural ensembles predicted for the statherin-hydroxyapatite system. Biophys J 96:3082–3091 Masica DL, Schrier SB, Specht EA, Gray JJ (2010) De novo design of peptide-calcite biomineralization systems.

References Atkins PW, de Paula J (2010) Physical chemistry, 9th edn. OUP, Oxford Binnig G, Rohrer H, Gerber CH, Weibel E (1983) 7 9 7 Reconstruction on Si(111) resolved in real space. Phys Rev Lett 50:120–123 Brown S (1997) Metal-recognition by repeating polypeptides. Nat Biotechnol 15:269–272 Bryngelson JD, Onuchic JN, Socci ND, Wolynes PG (1995) Funnels pathways, and the energy landscape of protein-folding—a synthesis. Proteins 21:167–195 Crookes-Goodson WJ, Slocik JM, Naik RR (2008) Bio-directed synthesis and assembly of nanomaterials.

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Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach (2nd ed.): by Morris Kline
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