Calcul infinitesimal (Collection Methodes) by Jean Alexandre Dieudonné

By Jean Alexandre Dieudonné

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Slight reactive edema, brief bleeding), without any lasting sequelae. Most reported symptoms/signs resolved within 24 h after the bite. 5% of the cases reviewed) inflicted bites that resulted in medically significant effects. Although this is notably subjective, a medically significant bite is defined as one with clinically detectable pathology sufficient to cause the patient distress along with some observed progression of the symptoms/signs. In a relatively small number of these cases, the symptoms/signs did not fully resolve for several days, weeks, or even months.

This species probably only causes mild-to-moderate local effects. More information is needed for full evaluation of potential risks associated with specific taxa of Liophis} C/D Liophis p. 30A and B) Stripe-bellied water snake, Yellow-bellied snake; culebra verdinegra; others 1 BL (local), E (“moderate”), Er, P (“ardor”), PA Marques Quintela (2010) {Bite occurred after capture of a female specimen (snout-vent length 317 mm) in an urban area of Rio Grande of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The victim-author described a brief bite (“a few seconds”), and a 3-h progression of pain that referred from the bitten R thumb to the R axilla.

24D–J} 7 (7) Bragg (1960); Morris (1985); Phillips et al. 25A– 1 D) Eastern hognose snake; Spreading adder; others BL, DW, E, L, N, P {This single case resulted from contact with the snake’s open mouth while the specimen was feigning death. 26E. In the case involving a protracted bite reported by Manning et al. (1999), a 9-h period elapsed before the development of reported serious symptoms (including expanding edema, “muscle paralysis,” and “unsteady gait”). 4 for further comments regarding this case.

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Calcul infinitesimal (Collection Methodes) by Jean Alexandre Dieudonné
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