Caffeine by G. Spiller

By G. Spiller

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Gas Chromatography GC has seen wide use in food analysis but has not seen a large following in the determination of the nonvolatile alkaloids in foods when compared to HPLC. d. packed with 10% DC-200 on 80 to 100-mesh Gas Chrom Q. 53 mm) with splitless direct injection and FID is described. 23 Direct quantitative analysis of caffeine in beverages is carried out without any sample pretreatment and lauryl alcohol is used as an internal standard. m. 6% with coeff. 5%. 4%. Results indicate that the direct injection method gave better results than the chloroform extraction method and it was concluded that the direct injection method was suitable for quantitation of caffeine in beverages.

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Caffeine by G. Spiller
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