British explosive ordnance

Справочное руководство, изданное в США, содержит подробную информацию о конструкции, характеристиках, маркировке и проч. взрывчатых боеприпасов (авиабомб, ракет, ручных гранат, мин, взрывателей, детонаторов и др.) вооруженных сил Великобритании . Фотографии, схемы, рисунки.

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His keen penetration discerned at a glance the policy of land, and the dreadful conflict that must ensue. Eng He saw that she was resolved to resist the advancement of France, and to band, while she could, the powers of Europe against her. He knew that if she would remain at peace, he could by force of arms, and PERFIDY OF ENGLAND. 28 compel Russia, Austria, Prussia, and him alone to cany out his plans for the But with England conaggrandizement of France. diplomatic skill, Spain, to let stantly counteracting him, and throwing lire-brands in the cabinets of the Continent, he would be engaged and wranglings.

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British explosive ordnance
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