Brain Crosstalk in Puberty and Adolescence by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Jean-Claude Carel, Yves Christen

By Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Jean-Claude Carel, Yves Christen

This quantity presents the reader with a pathophysiological standpoint at the function of CNS in puberty and early life, ranging from genetic/molecular facets, facing structural/imaging adjustments and resulting in physical/behavioral features. for this reason, popular investigators concerned about either animal and human study shared contemporary information in addition to total appraisal of correct questions round CNS keep watch over of puberty and youth. doubtless that this quantity will motivate these fascinated with both clinical learn or scientific perform or either within the interesting box of puberty and adolescence.

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Irrespective of their pubertal status, girls compared with boys (directional t-contrast) showed a stronger hypothalamic activation in response to smelling the chemo-signal androstadienone. The color bar indicates the t statistic Responses in Girls Diagnosed with GD Prepubertal girls with GD differed significantly from neither their experienced (control boys) nor from their natal sex (control girls) in terms of hypothalamic activation when smelling androstadienone. None of the comparisons between prepubertal control girls and prepubertal girls with GD revealed any differences in hypothalamic activation upon smelling androstadienone.

Accordingly, a female-like pattern of brain activation was observed in MFs while viewing erotic stimuli (Gizewski et al. 2009). Exposure to 4,16-androstadien-3-one (AND), a steroid compound with postulated pheromonal properties, also elicited a female-like hypothalamic response in MF adults (Berglund et al. 2008). However, unlike in women, the hypothalamus of MFs also responded to estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol (EST), a putative female chemosignal (Berglund et al. 2008). Several imaging studies have also examined the structure of the brain in individuals with GD.

After the perinatal period of sexual differentiation and before the onset of puberty. In adulthood, testosterone was replaced and, 1–2 weeks later, social interactions with a receptive female or an intruder male were studied. The behavior of these hamsters was compared to that of other hamsters that were similarly treated, except that castration and hormone replacement occurred in Gonadal Hormones Organize the Adolescent Brain and Behavior 17 adulthood, several weeks after the pubertal elevation in testicular hormones.

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Brain Crosstalk in Puberty and Adolescence by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Jean-Claude Carel, Yves Christen
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