Bootleg by Damon Wayans

By Damon Wayans

Not anything is just too outrageous for Damon Wayans, former celebrity of the groundbreaking tv comedy application In residing colour, the place he created such unforgettable characters as Blaine Edwards, the homosexual movie critic, Handi-Man, the 1st handicapped hero, and Homey the Clown. Now, in Bootleg, he brings all of it on, uncut and uncensored, together with his personal fiercely edgy and wild tackle lifestyles.

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Why don’t you just rap your damn answers to me? Part 2 Marriage & Family The Scariest Words Known to Man I’ll tell you what scares men. ” Those are the scariest words a man can ever hear. ” But “till death do you part” sounds like a long, long, long time. Why not until my car breaks down? Or until I run out of money? Or until her ass gets too big? God gave women something that he didn’t give men: a heart. For women, relationships are built on emotions and feelings. They’re more mature and not as superficial as men.

He takes his hanger out and heats that shit up with a lighter. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM! Them bitches started speaking English better than Margaret Thatcher. ’ “So here’s the surprise, Damonson. You find out that Bob Dole is really Bob Dolomite, a pimp from another planet called Tittoris. He failed at becoming the president of the United States, but that’s not going to stop him from pimping the world! You find out that this motherfucker didn’t get his arm blown up in the war. He slammed it in his spaceship door!

They can be so poetic on their albums. Lyrics like, I’m innovative, extremely creative, I look African, but I’m an American Native. Like the Indian I’m brave, like the Jew, I’m a slave. My real name is Dave, I take dignity to my grave. Their lyrics are just so fluid, you’d swear they were educated. But if you sit one of them down for a one-on-one interview, you feel like you’re talking to a third grader. Interviewer: So, Intelligent B, why don’t you explain to us the history of rap and the hip hop genre?

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Bootleg by Damon Wayans
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