Bodies in Code: Interfaces with Digital Media by Mark B. N. Hansen

By Mark B. N. Hansen

Our bodies in Code explores how bodies event and adapt to electronic environments. Cyberculture theorists have tended to miss organic truth whilst speaking approximately digital fact, and Mark B. N. Hansen's publication indicates what they have been lacking. our on-line world is anchored within the physique, he argues, and it is the body--not high-tech machine graphics--that permits anyone to consider like they're quite "moving" via digital fact. in fact those digital reviews also are profoundly affecting our very figuring out of what it potential to dwell as embodied beings. Hansen attracts upon contemporary paintings in visible tradition, cognitive technology, and new media stories, in addition to examples of special effects, web pages, and new media paintings, to teach how bodies are in many ways already changing into digital.

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It can turn aside from the world, apply its activity to stimuli which affect its sensory surfaces, lend itself to experimentation, and gener‑ ally speaking take its place in the realm of the potential. indb 42 8/14/06 11:30:22 AM Bodies in Code shifting from its position as a possibility, acquires a sort of actuality” (109). Because of the ontological work performed by the body schema, human beings experience the virtual as a kind of “fringe” of the actual; they “live” the potentiality of their embodiment outside the empirical space of simple actuality.

A second set involves motor habits, learned movement patterns (“motor schemas” or programs). The final set of functions consists of certain intermodal abilities that allow for communication between proprio‑ ceptive information and perceptual awareness, and in integration of sensory information and movement. x Because it is responsible for linking protosensory bodily sense (pro‑ prioception) with perception and motility (and indeed for correlating these latter), the body schema is a source of embodied potential.

It should be clear by now that such “understanding” is the technical and aesthetic precondition for the synchronicity of system and visitor action. Without it, the visi‑ tor–system correlation could never move beyond the stage of clarifying exploration; it could never be directed to the world of action and could never become creative in the proper sense. Thus, Videoplace ultimately achieves nothing short of a whole‑ sale humanistic dissolution of the infamous—and for many, highly problematic—Turing test (together with Turing’s abstract conception of a general-purpose computing machine).

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Bodies in Code: Interfaces with Digital Media by Mark B. N. Hansen
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