Blue Blood on the Mat by Athol Oakley

By Athol Oakley

The tale of Athol Oakley, one of many maximum wrestlers of our time, and the bloody international of wrestling within the early 1900s. Athol labored himself up from a 5 stone youngster to a fifteen stone international wrestling champion, battling in hundreds of thousands of bouts world wide.

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Blue Blood On The Mat 57 Casey just wasn’t the type to be frightened. As a man he was superb, his courage was magnificent. He was caught and he knew it, but he would never surrender. What a man! Desperately I turned my back on the ref and deliberately twisted one foot, with a circular movement, against the ankle joint: one of the sinister moves taught me by Irslinger. Determined to remember the lesson of Phil Scott and others I knew I had to win this fight. Casey, furious and now in dire agony, pointed to his foot.

Blue Blood On The Mat 49 6. My American Tour: Casey Berger, the Texas Champ A few days later Garsh came round to tell me that I was to appear at the 71st Armoury, one of the largest American stadiums after Madison Square Garden. ’ I asked. ‘The Texas Champ. Oh boy, am I worried. It’s a real tough assignment. Maybe we made a mistake letting Curley see you the other day. You sure look good now. ’ So at last my great day arrived. Alfred drove Bill and me to the stadium. Pojello was already there looking more like a professor than ever.

Irslinger was matched with the Russian light-heavyweight champion, George Boganski, who had just arrived in this country from South Africa. Boganski was an artist in the art of wrestling, having also, like Modrich, been a pupil of Pezek. He had also been a member of Pavlova’s Ballet Company and had a formidable record of victories in the light-heavyweight class. It should be borne in mind by my readers that, in wrestling, a light-heavyweight is one who weighs no more than thirteen stone nine pounds, which is virtually the same as most of the so-called heavyweights in glove fighting.

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Blue Blood on the Mat by Athol Oakley
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