Between Europe and Asia : The Origins, Theories, and by Mark Bassin, Sergey Glebov, Marlene Laruelle

By Mark Bassin, Sergey Glebov, Marlene Laruelle

"Between Europe and Asia" analyzes the origins and improvement of Eurasianism, an highbrow flow that proclaimed the lifestyles of Eurasia, a separate civilization coinciding with the previous Russian Empire. The essays within the quantity discover the ancient roots, the heyday of the stream within the Nineteen Twenties, and the afterlife of the flow within the Soviet and post-Soviet sessions. the 1st examine to provide a multifaceted account of Eurasianism within the 20th century and to the touch at the movement's highbrow entanglements with background, politics, literature, or geography, this ebook additionally explores Eurasianism's affects past Russia.
The Eurasianists mixed their look for a primordial essence of Russian tradition with the radicalism of Europe's interwar interval. In response to the devastation and dislocation of the wars and revolutions, they celebrated the Orthodox Church and the Asian connections of Russian tradition, whereas rejecting Western individualism and democracy. The flow sought to articulate a non-European, non-Western modernity and to underscore Russia's function within the colonial international. because the authors exhibit, Eurasianism was once equivalent to many fascist hobbies in interwar Europe and has now develop into one of many resources of the rhetoric of nationalist mobilization in Vladimir Putin's Russia.

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The latter dates back to the 1870s–1880s, when against the backdrop of far-reaching political and social changes in European societies, engendered by the upheavals of industrialization and urbanization, a range of influential thinkers began openly to challenge accepted norms, values, and identities. 6 These fin-de-siècle searches for alternatives to the historical narratives, scientific modes of inquiry, and artistic traditions, dominant during most of the nineteenth century, were particularly intense in Russia.

40 This rendering of the role of the Mongol yoke in Russian history was an attempt to look through a new lens at the entire spectrum of interactions between Russia and Asia. As we have seen, Herzen maintains that the Asian nomads’ raids into Russia, which would seem to have had only negative consequences, in fact set the Russian people on a course toward fulfilling their purgative mission in Europe. The accomplishment of this mission would, in turn, mark the beginning of Russian history, which, he wrote, had essentially not yet begun.

By “purely Russian empire” Herzen seemed to imply—though, unfortunately, he did not further elaborate the point—a unique formation distinct from Western states. Here we are confronted with a paradox: a fierce enemy of the Romanov Empire is defending the notion of a “purely Russian empire” and believes that it—or a significant part of it—can survive the collapse of the monarchical state. This paradox reflects the essential ambiguity of the empire–nation nexus in Russia, a country in which it is difficult to draw a precise boundary between the metropolis and the colonies.

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Between Europe and Asia : The Origins, Theories, and by Mark Bassin, Sergey Glebov, Marlene Laruelle
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