B0763 Encyclopaedia of international corrosion standards by Gennady S. Fomin, Paul McIntyre, A. D. Mercer

By Gennady S. Fomin, Paul McIntyre, A. D. Mercer

This e-book is certainly one of a chain of reference volumes on foreign criteria in quite a few fields of task ready through the Russian nationwide Institute for Standardisation (see the author’s precis on p. 7). even though first and foremost meant for the good thing about Russian and trade, the subject material is, via definition, of foreign worth and merits wider dissemination. The contents were completely revised and up-to-date via Dr McIntyre

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2 (Continued) Term Definition Hydrogen embrittlement Surface technology type of embrittlement of a metal or alloy caused by absorption of atomic hydrogen; for example, during electroplating, autocatalytic plating, cathodic cleaning or pickling and manifested by delayed fracture, brittle fracture or a reduction of ductility, in the presence of tensile stress, either externally applied and/or internal residual stress. Nodule A rounded projection formed on a cathode during electrodeposition may be seen without magnification.

So, in 1967 a decision was taken to initiate a system of 31 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INTERNATIONAL CORROSION STANDARDS standardisation in the fields of corrosion of metals based on the development and realisation of 5-year plans. Work was started in 1971 with the first programme establishing the basic underpinning standards in these fields, for example, basic terminology and definitions, the classification of atmospheric corrosivity, the requirements for selection of protective coatings, methods of quality control, accelerated test methods for coatings, temporary protectives and so on.

Protective atmosphere Artificial atmosphere the corrosivity of which has been reduced by the removal or exclusion of corrosive agents or by the addition of corrosion inhibitors. layer. potential. Types of corrosion Electrochemical corrosion Corrosion involving at least one anodic reaction and one cathodic reaction. Chemical corrosion Corrosion not involving electrochemical Gaseous corrosion Corrosion with dry gas as the only corrosive environment liquid phase on the surface of the metal. Atmospheric Corrosion with the earth's atmosphere Underground corrosion corrosion reaction.

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B0763 Encyclopaedia of international corrosion standards by Gennady S. Fomin, Paul McIntyre, A. D. Mercer
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