Autonomous Military Robotics by Vishnu Nath, Stephen E. Levinson (auth.)

By Vishnu Nath, Stephen E. Levinson (auth.)

This SpringerBrief finds the newest strategies in machine imaginative and prescient and laptop studying on robots which are designed as exact and effective army snipers. Militaries world wide are investigating this know-how to simplify the time, fee and defense measures important for education human snipers. those robots are constructed by means of combining an important points of laptop technological know-how learn components together with photograph processing, robot kinematics and studying algorithms. The authors clarify how a brand new humanoid robotic, the iCub, makes use of high-speed cameras and desktop imaginative and prescient algorithms to trace the thing that has been labeled as a aim. The robotic adjusts its arm and the gun muzzle for max accuracy, because of a neural version that comes with the parameters of its joint angles, the speed of the bullet and the approximate distance of the objective. an intensive literature assessment presents valuable context for the experiments. Of sensible curiosity to army forces all over the world, this short is designed for execs and researchers operating in army robotics. it is going to even be worthy for complicated point machine technological know-how scholars occupied with desktop imaginative and prescient, AI and desktop studying issues.

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Autonomous Military Robotics

This SpringerBrief finds the most recent options in machine imaginative and prescient and computing device studying on robots which are designed as exact and effective army snipers. Militaries world wide are investigating this know-how to simplify the time, fee and security measures beneficial for education human snipers.

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Autonomous Military Robotics by Vishnu Nath, Stephen E. Levinson (auth.)
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