Ars versificatoria, Issues 22-23 by Matthew (of Vendôme), Roger P. Parr

By Matthew (of Vendôme), Roger P. Parr

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I. 9. 9. 4 Cf. Statius, Theb. X. 704. 5 Rufinus indicated a red-haired man or one with a ruddy complexion and came to be the sign of wickedness or deceit. Matthew himself indentifies Rufus as Arnulf of St. " See IV, 47. 6 Cf. Ps. xxi. 7. 7 Cf. Ps. xxxviii. 2. 8 See I. 22 and II. 42 for explanation of line. Page 18 Since he cannot bite, he should be more sparing in his barbs. 4. Moreover, let not the novelty of the little work be ascribed to over-boldness, for neither the desire for favor nor the ostentation of vainglory effects it, but instruction for the less advanced does, so that the credit the execution of the work cannot wrench forth, the affection of the worker may.

The point is that we are not at present in a position to know for certain whether the attacks against Arnulf were justified and what their true basis was. The likelihood is fairly strong that they were the result of artistic jealousy stemming from his popularity, his challenging individuality, perhaps even because he disagreed on current standard artes poeticae and was introducing new and dangerous elements into literature which should not be taught to the young. Gisalberti is perhaps correct in thinking the rivalry stemmed primarily from divergent views of literature.

Nor has the focus on human language waned. The floodgate widens, rather, as one witnesses again a continually swelling tide. The flow is enormous. One might say that communications dominate our age with perhaps an even greater consciousness of its saturating and vital importance. More than ever it appears that man's social effectiveness is commensurate with his knowledge of language and his expressive skill. A veritable encyclopedia of titles indicates the range and the depth of language studies: semantics, semiology, cybernetics, inter and intra-personal communication, organizational comunication, rhetoric of politics, the great variety of ethnic rhetorics, only begin the list.

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Ars versificatoria, Issues 22-23 by Matthew (of Vendôme), Roger P. Parr
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