Anabolic steroids: and other performance-enhancing drugs by Patrick Lenehan

By Patrick Lenehan

An exceptionally topical overview of the way anabolic steroids are enjoying an more and more prominant half in non-competitive game. Brings jointly the main concerns in a lucid layout that might entice a large diversity of scholars and pros.

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1996). Although thought to be reversible on discontinuation of illicit AS, there have been an increasing number of reports suggesting that low testosterone and gonadotrophin levels have persisted for over 3 years following the end of AS use. , 1995). Anecdotal evidence suggests that many individuals in the AS-using community self-administer hCG, a hormone obtained from the urine of pregnant women, to counteract the adverse effects that AS use induces on male sexual organs (Hart, 1993). Gill (1998) reports a case history of the 42 Anabolic Steroids successful treatment of a young male AS-using body-builder.

Other research has been carried out to discover the relationship between AS use and sexual aggression. Yates et al. (1999) performed a study of the psychosexual effects of testosterone cycling in men. The doses used in this study were 100 mg, 250 mg and 500 mg of testosterone cypionate administered in weekly intramuscular injections. Their work showed that doses of testosterone up to five times the physiologic replacement dose do not present a significant risk of adverse psychosexual effects in most normal men.

1994). Hepatis peliosis, a condition characterized by the formation of bloodfilled sacs within the body of the liver, usually occurs in diseases such as tuberculosis. It has been associated with patients who have been prescribed AS by a physician as a treatment. In 1994 the first case was reported in a body-builder (Cabasso, 1994). , 1984). , 1985). This makes it questionable as to whether these tumours are, in fact, malignant. , 1994). It appears that men using AS are more prone to developing liver tumours, but they are the more benign adenomas than the primary hepatoma, which is not endocrine sensitive.

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Anabolic steroids: and other performance-enhancing drugs by Patrick Lenehan
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