An Introduction to Silent Speech Interfaces by João Freitas, António Teixeira, Miguel Sales Dias, Samuel

By João Freitas, António Teixeira, Miguel Sales Dias, Samuel Silva

This booklet presents a huge and complete evaluation of the prevailing technical ways within the zone of silent speech interfaces (SSI), either in thought and in software. every one method is defined within the context of the human speech creation approach, permitting the reader to obviously comprehend the foundations in the back of SSI more often than not and throughout varied equipment. also, the publication explores the mixed use of other information assets, accrued from quite a few sensors, so one can take on the restrictions of less complicated SSI methods, addressing present demanding situations of this box. The e-book additionally presents information regarding present SSI functions, assets and a straightforward educational on how you can construct an SSI.

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20 2 SSI Modalities I: Behind the Scenes—From the Brain to the Muscles For a subject with locked-in syndrome, (Brumberg et al. 2013) reported the control of a speech synthesizer in real time, which eliminates the need of a typing process. Mugler et al. (2014) argued that most approaches in the literature consider whole word classification studies and, while this is an important evidence of the viability of imagined speech decoding, efforts should now move to the phoneme level in order to encompass the full complexity of speech.

Conf. 7280404 28 2 SSI Modalities I: Behind the Scenes—From the Brain to the Muscles Freitas J, Teixeira A, Dias MS (2012) Towards a silent speech interface for portuguese: surface electromyography and the nasality challenge. In: International conference on bio-inspired systems and signal processing (BIOSIGNALS 2012), pp 91–100 Freitas J, Ferreira A, Figueiredo M, Teixeira A, Dias MS (2014) Enhancing multimodal silent speech interfaces with feature selection. In: 15th Annual conf. of the int. speech communication association (Interspeech 2014).

3b for an example of the resulting image data). Results for this technique show that, for an hour of 36 3 SSI Modalities II: Articulation and Its Consequences Fig. 3 Acquiring data for the tongue and lips: (a) an US probe is placed under the speaker’s chin and a video camera captures the lips; (b) example of an US vocal tract image with embedded frontal lip view continuous speech, 60 % of the phones are correctly identified in a sequence of tongue and lip images, demonstrating that better performance can be obtained using more limited vocabularies or using isolated word in silent speech recognition tasks, still considering realistic situations (Hueber et al.

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An Introduction to Silent Speech Interfaces by João Freitas, António Teixeira, Miguel Sales Dias, Samuel
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