Amphetamines and Methamphetamine by Christine Adamec

By Christine Adamec

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56 Amphetamines and Methamphetamine Buying from the Internet Some people obtain their illicit amphetamines over the Internet. In a study of stimulants marketed over the Internet for sale without a prescription, researchers Ty S. 18 It’s illegal to sell prescribed drugs to individuals without a prescription in the United States and anyone who would risk the penalties for doing so is unlikely to be concerned about the health and safety of the consumers who buy their products. 5 Addiction Treatment and Recovery Davey’s parents, family members, and former friends had staged an intervention, which Davey, age 17, thought was totally bogus, since he knew that he wasn’t an addict.

Physicians may administer benzodiazepine drugs to calm the patient. ­Hyperthermic 46 Amphetamines and Methamphetamine patients may be given ice packs to bring down their body temperature. 7 Violence and Methamphetamine Some methamphetamine users and addicts become physically violent, and there are several key mechanisms for such violence. For example, the drug may cause psychosis and cause the individual to become violent when he or she would not normally exhibit violence. The drug may also be used to rationalize or explain away acts of violence that are not truly caused by use of the drug.

There is thus strong evidence that Benzedrine abuse, although an existing practice, was multiplied many times by military exposure, at least among vulnerable subpopulations. ”23 In wartime Germany, soldiers were issued methamphetamine, known at the time as Pervitin. Says Rasmussen, “Authorities were already aware that the drug was being used by some soldiers, who were obtaining it on their own. Nevertheless, they officially listed Pervitin (in 3 mg tablets) among the medicines that physicians in military units could requisition in 1939—just in time for the campaign that crushed Poland.

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Amphetamines and Methamphetamine by Christine Adamec
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