Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron by Russell Rice

By Russell Rice

Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron is the approved boigraphy of the nation's winningest basketball trainer. Written through longtime good friend and affiliate Russell Rice, the ebook lines Rupp's own lifestyles and a profession that spanned forty two years on the college of Kentucky.

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His word was law, and if you forgot it, he'd be there with a lash," Elizabeth Rupp Lawson remembered. " After Heinrich, just 48 years old, died of pneumonia in 1910, Rupp's older brother Otto quit school and took over running the farm. Anna became head of the household, a short, stout woman whose iron hand ruled the roost. A driver and pusher, Anna was always on the move. She tended her garden, sewed, ironed, cooked, and did all the other duties of her station. She believed that the future of each child rested with the individual.

Most of Allen's athletes were in awe of himall had a tremendous respect for their coach. "We respected him because he stood for everything," Rupp said. '' The first days of basketball practice under Allen were "just plain brutal," Rupp said, and they didn't get easier. " Rupp thought some of Allen's drills were unnecessary. "We would pivot and pivot and do all those things until the blisters on our feet would be the size of a silver dollar," he said. " On defense, Allen, who thought there was too much use of arms and too little use of feet in basketball, would have his players imagine they had no forearms.

Endacott and Charlie Black were named All-America, and Endacott was named Player of the Year by the Helms Foundation. Allen described Rupp as an intelligent player who excelled in the classroom and was one of the most popular students on campus. He said Rupp might have been a star had the two guards that played ahead of him not been so perfect. "Throw me that ball," Rupp told Endacott during a team reunion. " John Bunn, an assistant coach at Kansas, said Rupp was not a great player, but he was an excellent student of the game.

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Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron by Russell Rice
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