Additives in Polymers.. Industrial Analysis and Applications by Jan C. J. Bart

By Jan C. J. Bart

This industrially appropriate source covers all verified and rising analytical equipment for the deformulation of polymeric fabrics, with emphasis at the non-polymeric parts.

  • Each procedure is evaluated on its technical and commercial merits.
  • Emphasis is on realizing (principles and features) and commercial applicability.
  • Extensively illustrated all through with over 2 hundred figures, four hundred tables, and 3,000 references.

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As an example we mention additive/antistat interaction in PP, as observed by Dieckmann et al. [166]. In this case analysis and performance data demonstrate chemical interaction between glycerol esters and acid neutralisers. This phenomenon is pronounced when the additive is a strong base, like synthetic hydrotalcite, or a metal carboxylate. Similar problems may arise after ageing of a polymer. A common request in a technical support analytical laboratory is to analyse the additives in a sample that has prematurely failed in an exposure test, when at best an unexposed control sample is available.

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Additives in Polymers.. Industrial Analysis and Applications by Jan C. J. Bart
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