A Theory of Computer Semiotics: Semiotic Approaches to by Peter Bøgh Andersen

By Peter Bøgh Andersen

This e-book introduces easy conventional semiotic recommendations and adapts them in order that they develop into valuable for interpreting and designing computers of their symbolic context of labor. It provides a unique method of the topic, wealthy in examples, and is theoretically systematic yet sensible. the writer refers to and reinterprets innovations already used, in order that readers can deepen their knowing. furthermore, it deals new innovations and a constant viewpoint on computers that's really acceptable for brand spanking new and software program whose major features are presentation and communique. This publication will gain all all in favour of the improvement of structures during which that means and interpretation are important.

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On the organizational side, management views seem to have prevailed, while the union succeeded in preventing electronic scanning of paper forms. On the hardware side, the old coding machines have been replaced by O(ptical)C(haracter)R(ecognition)-machines that read the preprinted information of the paying-in forms and store an electronic representation on a shared disk. From the disk, the card records go to six work stations, where the remaining data is input. The records are returned to the disk, and transGrip & Sundstr0m 1984.

What do I do with this one [shows a form]. Own deposit of 300,000. S: What strange things are turning up today: we have never had anything like this before. I'll have to go and ask [walks away with the form, returns after a little while without it]. No. It was meant for CR, you got it by mistake. Example 9. Instruction. CR is short for the English phrase "credit revision", and denotes a special unit in the department, and S is the section head. The expression to ask is a conventional way of marking the situation as a problem solving situation: "Here is a situation I cannot solve without qualified help from the supervisor and the section head".

Hjelmslev 1963a: 5-6 On the one hand, their arguments seem still valid: language should be described by concepts fitted for this object of study, and not by concepts developed for studying other objects. On the other hand, the preceding sections all have proven the impossibility of studying work language apart from its non-symbolic context. The solution of the dilemma is to separate two issues which Saussure and Hjelmslev lump together: (1) (2) language should be studied by methods and concepts that reflect the characteristic features of language, and not by methods and concepts reflecting characteristic features of other objects of study.

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A Theory of Computer Semiotics: Semiotic Approaches to by Peter Bøgh Andersen
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