A Little War that Shook the World: Georgia, Russia, and the by Ronald Asmus

By Ronald Asmus

The short conflict among Russia and Georgia in August 2008 appeared to many like an unforeseen shot immediately that was once long past as speedy because it got here. Former Assistant Deputy Secretary of kingdom Ronald Asmus contends that it was once a clash that used to be ready and deliberate for a while via Moscow, a part of a broader technique to ship a message to the United States: that Russia goes to flex its muscle in the twenty-first century. a bit battle that Shook the area is an engaging examine the breakdown of kin among Russia and the West, the decay and decline of the Western Alliance itself, and the destiny of japanese Europe in a time of economic crisis.

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That, too, hardly seemed a coincidence. Already in mid-July, Georgian intelligence had received reports from friendly Western services of additional Russian fighter aircraft being moved to North Ossetia. On the morning of August 7, they received a report that on August 4 or 5 Moscow had pre-deployed additional military aircraft from the Ivanovo air base outside Moscow to the Mozdok air base in North Ossetia. 10 The Georgians were also receiving information that part of the Russian Black Sea fleet based in Sevastopol had left port several days earlier and was preparing for a major operation.

Saakashvili had few illusions about the West’s coming to Georgia’s assistance militarily if he got into a fight with the Russians. S. cavalry would not be coming over the hill to save him. Speculation over 01 asmus text:Layout 1 30 9/8/09 11:45 AM Page 30 A LITTLE WAR THAT SHOOK THE WORLD whether Washington had given Tbilisi some kind of green light misses the point. No senior Georgian official has actually ever suggested that Washington did so. On the contrary, they all admit that warnings had been given repeatedly by senior American and European officials.

He made his choice to fight back. His calculation was to buy time and hope that the international community, above all the United States and Europe, would wake up and intervene to save his country. One can still consider that decision a mistake. But why he did it is not a mystery. To this day controversy surrounds several key issues. First and foremost among them is the question of Georgia’s war aims. Controversy centers on the remarks of Georgian brigadier general Mamuka Kurashvili, commander of the Georgian peacekeeping contingent in South Ossetia.

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A Little War that Shook the World: Georgia, Russia, and the by Ronald Asmus
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