A Good Night's Sleep: A Drug-Free Solution by Jan Sadler

By Jan Sadler

Tips to conquer insomnia with visualization, breathwork, and meditation

• offers psychological and actual routines to quiet psychological chatter, visualizations to organize for sleep, and deep respiring and mindfulness meditation techniques

• Explains how one can determine and examine a nap diary and the way to retrain the physique to sleep solidly

• contains a 65-minute audio CD of guided visualizations and leisure techniques

In an exceptional Night’s Sleep, Jan Sadler teaches the abilities had to holiday the styles and frustration of insomnia. She explains how one can conquer pressure and restlessness via meditation and deep diaphragmatic respiring, tips on how to arrange for sleep via confident visualization, and the way to quiet psychological chatter with expertise and actual thoughts corresponding to the “Stop/Cancel/Change” and “Shakeout” routines.

Sadler addresses the best way to decrease dependence on dozing capsules, be sure the quantity of sleep you actually desire, and, most vital, the right way to retrain your self to sleep soundly. She offers a two-week sleep diary and indicates step by step find out how to determine and study any underlying daylight hours and pre-bedtime behavior which can disturb sleep. additionally, the accompanying 65-minute audio CD provides six rest and visualization concepts, together with Sadler’s “Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine,” a 20-minute guided rest perform designed to ease one right into a deep and peaceable sleep. by means of revealing the keys to caliber, drug-free sleep, a very good Night’s Sleep allows you to reclaim keep watch over of your sleep cycle and your existence.

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Insulin levels spike and then inevitably crash. Moods become harder to control. Depression sets in. Exhaustion sets in. Emotions can fluctuate, and this can happen to anyone who punishes his or her body with large doses of processed sugars. In people with ADD/ADHD, these problems are greatly magnified. So . . no cookies, cakes, candies, or ice cream! I mean it. Instead, your child can become accustomed to getting his or her sweets and treats from fruit. This simple adjustment saves your child from the artificial bounce—and then crash—that he or she suffers from when getting heavy, regular doses of refined sugar.

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