2011-2012 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 12: by Carl D. Regillo MD

By Carl D. Regillo MD

Reports the fundamental anatomy of the retina and diagnostic ways to retinal affliction. contains huge examinations of problems of the retina and vitreous, together with disorder, irritation, hereditary dystrophies, abnormalities and trauma. Discusses laser treatment and vitreoretinal surgical procedure. final significant revision 2008-2009.

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Doc Ophtha/mol. 2005;11 0:111-120. P" 50 msec Figure 3-5 Diag ram of th e pattern ERG (PERGI. e licited by alternation of a checkerboard pat- tern. The major negative and positive waves are labeled according to t hei r typ ica l latenc ies. (Reprinted by permission of Kluwer Academic Publishers from Marmor M F, Halder GE, Parciatti 11, Trick GL, Zrenner E Guidelines far basic pattern elec troretin o~raphy: recommendations by the Interna tional Society for C/inical Electrophysialagyof Visian. ) 40 • Retina and Vitreous Applications and Ca utions The ERG is important for diagnosing and following retinal dystrophies and degenerations.

The pupils should be dilated and light flashes presented full-field to the entire ret ina. A bowl sim ilar to that of a perimeter is used to illuminate the ent ire retina. Signals are evoked either by a Single fla sh or by repetitive flashes (with computer averaging if des ired). To record light-adapted (photopic) ERGs, a unifo rm background light is projected withi n the bowl. It is im portant diagnostically, espeCiall y in evaluating hereditary and other retinal degenerations, to test the rod and cone systems separately.

Thus, the EOG is not a useful test for most disorders in which the retina itself is significantly damaged; it is most specific for involvement of the RPE when other studi es have shown the reti na to be normal. The relationsh ip of the EOG to physiologic functions of the RPE is unclear because it does not correlate closely with either pigmen tary changes in the RPE or visual function. For example, the EOG light-dark ratio is normal or only mildly subnormal in some di seases (eg, diffuse fundus flavi maculatus or pattern dystrophy) in which the RPE seems to be primarily invo lved.

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2011-2012 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 12: by Carl D. Regillo MD
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