101 Offensive Basketball Drills (Coaches Choice) by George Matthew Karl

By George Matthew Karl

A whole selection of the main the most important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, taking pictures, fast-break, lay-up, put up play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. each one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training tips are incorporated for max effects.

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Coaching Point: The coach should emphasize keeping the head up and moving forward with the dribble. Page 18 Drill #8: Down the Line Drill Objective: To develop all aspects of ball-handling skills. Description: Each player takes two dribbles down one side of a line on the court. On the third dribble, he pushes the ball over the line, but pulls it back before it hits the floor. This action is designed to practice ball control and ball movement as the player continues down the line. As the player progresses down the line, a head and shoulder fake and change of pace moves are added to the routine.

X3 cuts off the screen and looks for a pass, while X1 rolls to the basket. X2 chooses the most open man to which to pass. The coach may also designate which player involved in the screen and roll should receive the pass. The level of difficulty in the drill may be increased by adding one or more defenders to the drill. Coaching Point: The emphasis should be placed on using the proper footwork to execute the screen and roll. Page 31 Drill #20: Double Post Screening Drill Objective: To develop the footwork and screening skills of post players; to practice catching and passing the ball.

Description: The coach should divide the squad into groups of three players and position the first group along the baseline as shown in the diagram below. The ball starts with the right wing (X1), who begins the drill with a pass to the middle (X2). X2 passes to the opposite wing (X3), then sprints upcourt and receives a return pass from X3 about midcourt. While X1 and X3 sprint wide upcourt and then cut sharply to the basket, X2 dribbles to the foul line and stops penetration. He bounce passes to either wing for the lay-up and moves into position to receive an outlet pass on the side the shooter vacated.

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101 Offensive Basketball Drills (Coaches Choice) by George Matthew Karl
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