100+ Years of Plastics. Leo Baekeland and Beyond by E. Thomas Strom and Seth C. Rasmussen (Eds.)

By E. Thomas Strom and Seth C. Rasmussen (Eds.)

content material: Leo H. Baekeland --
A portrait of Leo H. Baekeland --
Materia polymerica : bakelite --
Leo Baekeland's legacy : a hundred years of plastics --
heritage of interpenetrating polymer networks beginning with bakelite-based compositions --
ancient views on phenolic resins --
extreme temperature fragrant polyesters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and their copolyesters --
of their personal phrases : plastic pioneers within the chemical background origin oral historical past information --
background of polyethylene --
Electrically engaging in plastics : revising the heritage of conjugated natural polymers --
Polymeric biomaterials : a historical past of use in musculoskeletal regenerative and reconstructive medicine.

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And Bakelite was in the first atomic bomb. Middle Class Lifestyle Leo Baekeland’s legacy spans several dimensions. We in academe or industry pay tribute to Leo Baekeland as one of the founders of the second industrial revolution whose work initiated waves of technological developments that are still spreading, and have turned into tsunamis. As far as the public was concerned, his enabling contributions to the new middle-class lifestyle of the 20th century were so important as to rate a cover story in Time Magazine (15), and a listing in the more recent Time 100 The Great Minds of the Century (“transformed the world”) (16).

The design of the plant was versatile enough to permit a huge increase in production of phenolic, styrenic and vinyl resins by the time the Second World War broke out. The Bakelite subdivision of Union Carbide was reported to be the largest plastics organization in the world by 1941. Business appears to have continued in unbroken continuity after the takeover by Union Carbide (itself assembled from diverse chemical and material science companies) (38). Union Carbide had been the key supplier of petrochemical raw materials to the Bakelite company.

32 In 100+ Years of Plastics. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2011. ch004 Figure 1. Leo Baekeland as scientist (without protective equipment) and as well-credentialed businessman / founder. Courtesy of the Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award Collection, North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society. But we in the early 21st century are indebted to Leo Baekeland’s undertakings in all three roles. His scientific insights, technical breakthroughs, educational endeavors, and world-scale commercialization of the first man-made plastic all contributed to the world in which we live.

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100+ Years of Plastics. Leo Baekeland and Beyond by E. Thomas Strom and Seth C. Rasmussen (Eds.)
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