10 health questions about the 10 by written by Albena Arnaudova ; edited by Yves Charpak.

By written by Albena Arnaudova ; edited by Yves Charpak.

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According to this classification, the Czech Republic is classified in the group of European countries with very low mortality for both adults and children. Every member state of the EU-15 also falls into the same group. Throughout this chapter, data marked by * derive from this entire European mortality group, rather than just the Czech Republic. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES ● Circulatory diseases are the leading cause of death in the Czech Republic – responsible for 53% of all deaths. ● Of the various diseases in this group, there are two major killers.

EU-15 average: 5/1000 ● Three per cent of the children aged 12 are affected by dental caries. Points to remember Always compare! 7 Total communicable diseases 4 6 9 5 Total noncommunicable diseases 82 89 69 87 Total injuries 14 5 22 8 Data refer to the European mortality groups that include Estonia and the EU-15 countries, respectively. Points to remember health status It is important to consider both mortality and disease burden when looking at how a medical condition affects a population. Each measure reflects a different facet of human suffering.

EU-15 rates are men 32%, women 23%, together 28%. In the period 2001–2002, 10% of 13-years-olds and 24% of 15-yearsolds smoked. 3% of all deaths – a little more than half the average* for the EU-15 mortality group. ● In Estonia in 2000, there were 172 alcohol-related deaths per 100 000 population – triple the EU-15 average. 2 litres. However, unrecorded consumption was significant, estimated at 6 litres per person. DRUGS ● Problem drug users make up more than 1% of the population age 15–64. 5% ● Cannabis has been used at least once in their life by 13% of all 15- and 16-year-olds and 5% of the total population.

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10 health questions about the 10 by written by Albena Arnaudova ; edited by Yves Charpak.
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